Where is God?

Where is God?

 He is actually not far from each one of us. Acts 17:27b


My three year old daughter, Heather, had learned that signs on roads and buildings were words. Everywhere we went, she wanted to know what the signs said. One day we passed the Denny’s restaurant. In those days Denny’s had a tag line on their signs that said, “Always Open.”


“What does that mean?” Heather asked me.

“It means that restaurant is never closed. All day and all night it is open,” I answered.

The concept fascinated Heather. For weeks after that she would suddenly say, “and Denny’s is still open.” Riding along in her car seat she would say, “and Denny’s is still open.” If she woke up in the night and needed something, she might say, “And Denny’s is still open.”

“Yep,” I would answer.

One day she asked me about God.

“Where is God?” She asked.

“God is everywhere,” I answered.

“Is he right here, in this room?” She asked.

“Yes, he is right here in this room.”

She pointed out the window, “Is he out in the yard?”

“Yes he is out in the yard.”

“Is he in the window?”

“Yes, he is in the window?”

She squeezed her fingers together and squinted at them. “Is he in the tiny little place between the inside and the outside?”

“Yes, he is in the tiny little space between the inside and the outside,” I answered.

“Hum,” she nodded, thoughtfully, “and Denny’s is still open.”


Omnipresence understood.


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